An Open Letter from a Son Who Misses His Mom

Lisa Dubow with her son Sean Twersky

It’s the beginning of autumn in the fifth year since I lost my mother, Lisa Dubow, to colorectal cancer.

Many of you know my mom as the namesake of the Lisa Fund, a grant program that she helped establish which supports late stage colorectal cancer research. Perhaps you’ve donated to the Lisa Fund in the past. If so, thank you.

I am writing today to humbly ask for your continued support.

Speaking candidly, her death still does not seem real to me. I still feel her presence every day. Each time I go for a jog I remember her taking me to the gym on Sunday mornings, and my eagerly awaiting being old enough to join her on the workout floor. Each time I walk by a toy store I remember how she would take me to the Disney Store for my gift-of-the month when I behaved for the entire month, though I’m pretty sure she still took me even when I didn’t. Each time I see a silly eighties movie on TV, I remember how she insisted that I spend part of my free time renting and watching “classics” like Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and Dirty Dancing. But most important are those occasions when I’m told that people can still see her in me. There is no greater compliment.

Staying involved with Fight Colorectal Cancer and the Lisa Fund is the best way that I know of to keep her memory alive. She spent much of her last years travelling to Washington, DC, to speak with doctors and patients alike, and did everything within her power to increase awareness and options for those dealing with the disease.  That was her mission, and one I am honored to continue.

Sean presents the 2011 Lisa Dubow Research Grant to Dr. Jon Chung (center) with Fight Colorectal Cancer Board Chair, Nancy Roach

Each year I have been fortunate enough to present the Lisa Fund grant to a researcher in her honor. I have met the scientists and heard first-hand about their projects. The past recipients of the Lisa Fund research grant are talented and intelligent. I know my mother would be beaming if she could see what the fund has been able to support. While I am thrilled that her dream is still alive five years after her passing, I desperately want to continue building her grant and honoring her memory in any way that I can.

I recognize that times are tough for many and that there are hundreds of organizations that also deserve support. However, I respectfully ask that, if you are able, you help me continue to preserve her memory in any way that you can and help support researchers who are developing ground-breaking treatment options for late stage colorectal cancer.

Please make a secure donation to the Lisa Fund here. By using this special link, I will receive a notification as soon as a new donation arrives. Thank you!



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