Avastin Users Wanted for New Research Study

23 and me 3 easy stepsFight Colorectal Cancer is partnering together with 23andme and Genentech to help researchers better understand if patients’ genes play a role in how they respond to treatments they receive for their colorectal cancer.  This provides patients a new opportunity to participate in genetics research.

You are invited to participate in the InVite Study.

The InVite Study aims to enroll 1,000 individuals with certain types of advanced cancer who received Avastin before 2013.

In order to participate you simply submit a saliva sample and complete some online surveys.

The InVite Study will allow you to:

  • Learn more about your health and genetic ancestry
  • Take a direct role in research that may benefit you and other patients with advanced metastatic disease
  • Participate in web-based research from the comfort of your own home
  • Be kept informed of the discovery process as research advances

The InVite Study will enhance research by:

  • Bringing together a large group of people who have taken Avastin to better understand if there are any specific genetic differences between people who do well on Avastin and those who do not
  • Understanding if new technologies like genetic analysis and the internet offer a new way to conduct research and help researchers learn how to better use medicines
  • Expanding access to people who want to participate in research from home
  • Removing some of the time and cost barriers that can slow progress in other types of cancer research

To participate you’ll need to:

To learn more about the InVite Study and how you may participate, read more here.

Have more questions? Check out the InVite study Q&A.

If you have further questions, please contact us directly at the Fight Colorectal Cancer Answer Line at 1-877-427-2111 or email us.

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