Calling All Stage II Men Survivors!

Have you been diagnosed with stage II colon cancer?

We need a few more men to complete a 30 minute survey to help inform a study focused on patients like you.

If you were diagnosed with stage II colon cancer any time since 2010, researchers from the University of California-Los Angeles and the University of Pittsburgh would like to talk with you.

These researchers have asked Fight Colorectal Cancer for assistance in finding colon cancer survivors who can help them design a survey for use in a study about how stage II colon cancer patients make decisions about treatment.

Participation would involve:

  • Scheduling a one-time, 30-minute phone call with the researchers on a day and time that is convenient for you.
  • Answering questions about a draft survey that the researchers intend to use in a large study of stage II colon cancer survivors focused on decision making about treatment (specifically, chemotherapy).
  • Giving the researchers your opinion on the best questions to ask in the survey so that it does a good job of capturing survivors’ experiences.

If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, call the Fight Colorectal Cancer Answer Line at:
1-877-427-2111. You may also email an Answer Line Associate.

Thank you!

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