Colorectal Cancer Coalition Endorses the “Fight Colorectal Cancer Stamp Act” (H.R. 893) Introduced by Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA)

This critical legislation will ensure that even in tight fiscal times, funding for life-saving federal colorectal cancer research programs can be sustained.

Since President Clinton issued the first Presidential Proclamation recognizing March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month over a decade ago, much progress has been made in the fight against colorectal cancer. Thanks to federally funded research, treatment options for colorectal have expanded to seven drugs, and more precise surgery and radiation.

But despite the research advances we have seen, colorectal cancer still affects far too many American families. Every three and a half minutes, someone is diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Every nine minutes, someone dies from colorectal cancer.

The majority of all colorectal cancer research, including clinical trials, is conducted by the federal government. Federal funding also supports colorectal cancer symptom awareness and screening programs.

Funding from sales of the new colorectal cancer stamp would go to:
(A) 40 percent shall be transferred to the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program for colorectal cancer research;
(B) 40 percent shall be transferred to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for colorectal cancer control programs; and
(C) the remainder shall be transferred to the National Institutes of Health for colorectal cancer research.

Many men and women who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer attribute their survival to clinical trials and research funded by the government.

“As the friend of many patients and survivors, I am grateful to Representative Charlie Dent for his leadership on this critical legislation that will increase federal funding for colorectal cancer and bring much-need attention to the fight against this disease during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. As the daughter of a letter carrier who collected stamps as a child, I am personally thrilled about the idea. This stamp will help us raise much needed funds for colorectal cancer and will allow patients, caregivers and advocates to show their determination to win the fight against colorectal cancer every time they use the postal service,” said Carlea Bauman, President of the Colorectal Cancer Coalition.

“We urge Congress to pass this life-saving legislation to help us continue to fund proven federal research programs without increasing federal spending. Ongoing cancer research is on the verge of making great progress in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer. If we are going to find a cure for colorectal cancer in our lifetimes, we need a sustained investment in research programs that encourage innovation and ensure discoveries make it from bench to bedside as quickly as possible.”


  1. Janet Marventano says

    I am happy to hear that the fight for colorectal cancer is going strong – my son at age 38 died from colon cancer – he left behind a loving wife and two small children. The fight for a cure is so important. Since my son died I have heard of so many more young people getting this cancer – it is not just people 50 and over. We need earlier screening.

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