CRC Groups Join Together to Offer Clinical Trial Matching

Leading colorectal cancer advocacy organizations Colon Cancer Alliance and Fight Colorectal Cancer announced that they are teaming up on an initiative to encourage patients with colorectal cancer to take charge of their diagnosis and learn about clinical trials.

The Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trial Call to Action campaign matches colorectal cancer patients with currently recruiting clinical trials based on their individual medical situation. The easy-to-use resources, powered by EmergingMed, help patients discuss with their doctor clinical trials that may be appropriate for them.  The personalized service is free, confidential, and available to patients, loved ones and healthcare professionals.

“Patients who participate in clinical trials also help further colorectal cancer research,” said Carlea Bauman, President of Fight Colorectal Cancer. “Today’s clinical trial could be tomorrow’s standard treatment. Unfortunately the process of finding an appropriate trial can be mind-boggling to patients, which is why Fight Colorectal Cancer is pleased to join with EmergingMed and the Colon Cancer Alliance on this vital program.”

Read the entire press release from EmergingMed, Fight Colorectal Cancer and the Colon Cancer Alliance.


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    You should also do your due diligence before working with Clinical Investigator Site. Here are a couple of points you should ask to make sure they have quality systems in place.
    1) How many studies have they participated in
    2) Do they have Clinical Trials SOPs in place
    3)How type of training program they have in place

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