Genomic Health & Fight CRC Launch Mobile App

In partnership with Fight Colorectal Cancer, California-based company Genomic Health has launched a free mobile app for their My Colon Cancer Coach program.

The Coach app allows patients and caregivers to walk through the My Colon Cancer Coach tool on their smartphones to access information about their personalized cancer treatment options. The app also includes note-taking and audio-recording functions, a list of questions to ask the doctor, a calendar, a glossary of terms and links to additional resources.

My Colon Cancer Coach is a unique, interactive website that helps patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment options. Based on answers that patients provide regarding their diagnosis, patients receive a guide which gives them information about treatment options specific to them. The goal of the Coach program is to empower patients with individualized information to facilitate more meaningful discussions between them and their doctors.

To access the free app, search “Cancer Coach” in the Android marketplace or iTunes store, or go to

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