It Has Been a Year Since the President Signed It, Do You Know How Health Reform Affects You?

One year ago today, the President signed into law the biggest transformation of our health care system in decades. Whether you favored or opposed the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148, PL 111-152) (the Affordable Care Act), a full understanding of the new law is essential.

The Affordable Care Act changes many areas of health care, and will significantly impact cancer care. Fight Colorectal Cancer has all the information you need to understand the impact of health reform on colorectal cancer patients.

On our “Health Reform and You” webpage, you’ll find information explaining the law and its impact on colorectal cancer patients, such as:

  • Slides from our Health Reform webinar
  • Health Reform Benefits for Colorectal Cancer one page document
  • Individuals with Medicare still have to pay for therapeutic colonoscopies even though the Administration says preventive services like colonoscopies are free. You should understand this loophole.
  • Side-by-side chart comparison of the Senate-passed and the House-passed bills


    1. says

      The whole reform seems to be very complicated. Even though it might improve the health care the government should try to simplify the system so as everyone was able to fully understand what it is about. In reality, many Americans don’t have a clue how the law could benefit them.

    2. Mary Miller says

      FightCRC staff’s eagle-eye and continued work to make law and regulations match (in above case, to prevent copayments for screening colonoscopies-turned-therapeutic-with-polyp-removal) are a perfect example of behind-the-scenes work the staff and advocates do 365 days a year. Very impressive.

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