NPR Wants to Hear About Your Colonoscopy Prep

Carey Goldberg of WBUR radio, a reporter with NPR’s CommonHealth blog, is writing a column about “best practices” to prep for a colonoscopy.

Feedback can range from:

  • What do you do before a colonoscopy?
  • Do you use Wet wipes, Vaseline, or Gatorade?
  • What is your advice to make it easier?

She is contacting members of patient advocacy organizations to gather wisdom. Our partners at Inspire have let us know that the reporter is interested in hearing from members of Fight Colorectal Cancer.

We’d like your input, so please reply to this post with your tips and suggestions–the more detail about the best ways to prepare for a colonoscopy, the better. Be assured that you will not be quoted by name or your screen name.

Her deadline is end of day tomorrow, May 24.
Thanks for commenting below!


  1. elesa dillon says

    I had two close together, and I will only do the gatorade/miralax to cleanse, the other is so disgusting! I’m fighting the fight with Stage III rectal cancer, with a good prognosis. Keep a positive mind set, and have plenty of wipes, cream, magazines etc…

    And have your family go out to eat, no cooking allowed!! The smell of food when you can’t eat anything but broth, and jello is to much too bear for an empty gut !

    Get your Rear in Gear, and get screened!

  2. Terri Rappaport says

    When I had my 1st colonoscopy 5 years ago, an early stage 1 cancerous polyp was found. I am so glad I did not wait longer than age 51 for the colonoscopy. I have had to have them more regularly now. I make the process easier by getting out one of my crystal champagne glasses to down the Miralax/Gatorade cocktail. A really fancy glass seems to ease the prep & is a way to celebrate. There are way worse things that could have happened than regular colonoscopies to monitor my health and life.

  3. Kathryn Blume says

    I found the Gatorade/Miralax/Ducolax protocol for prep to be tolerable. A trick I learned before my second scope was to get the liquid VERY cold first. I found green (sour melon) PowerAde to be the easiest for me. I am very sensitive to the salty taste, and my favorite blue Gatorade didn’t go down very easily the first time. I put the PowerAde in the freezer and got it very cold. Then intsead of drinking 8 ounces every 15 minutes, I went out walking around my property, not focusing on drinking the mix of PowerAde and Miralax, but focusing on my trees and plants. I slammed it down pretty quickly, and then an hour later did the other half the same way. My second prep went very easy for me. I’d also suggest to plan on camping out in the bathroom – stock it with a good book or Kindle or iPad, clear liquids, and hard candies to suck on, and plenty of soft TP – this is not a time to skimp and get the generic brand. For me, only Cottenelle will do at prep time. Also, if you have a hand-held shower head, that can be helpful to use instead of too much wiping.

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