Oh Hello Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Have We Got Plans for You!

March is a special month for colorectal cancer patients, family members and advocates. This is the nation’s 12th Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re celebrating the fact that President Obama, several governors and mayors are recognizing it as such.

The point of awareness months are, as the name suggests, to increase knowledge about the particular cause it celebrates. But that increase in awareness doesn’t just happen. It needs to be fostered by organizations like the Colorectal Cancer Coalition and advocates like you.

Perhaps you have your own plans for spreading awareness this month (and if you do, please let us know…and send pictures).

Or maybe you’re looking for ways to get involved. Well, we have some suggestions for you.

March 2nd and 3rd:
Join the Congressional Butt-in. Call 1-866-615-3375 to get connected to Congress. Five minutes of your time could save countless lives.

March 3rd:
Take part in CancerCare’s “Current Developments in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer” Telephone Workshop at 1:30 PM Eastern.

March 8th:
Be on the lookout for big news from the Colorectal Cancer Coalition. Sign up for our e-news alerts so you don’t miss a thing.

March 8th & 9th:
Follow advocates participating in the Colorectal Cancer Coalition’s Call-on Congress via our Twitter feed.

March 9th:
Virtually join advocates visiting Congressional offices as part of Call-on Congress through our Virtual Lobby Day.

March 16th:
Participate in our monthly Grassroots Advocate Chat at 8 PM Eastern. Exchange ideas with others from around the country on how they are working to ramp up the fight against colorectal cancer.

March 23rd – 25th:
Join Prevent Cancer Foundation’s “Dialogue for Action” in Baltimore, MD.

All month long:
Get your run on with Get Your Rear in Gear events throughout the country.

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