Support Colorectal Cancer Awareness with a Blue Star Twibbon

Add a Twibbon to your Facebook & Twitter pic!

As Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month kicks off, we’re launching a new Blue Star Twibbon in partnership with My Colon Cancer Coach, to unite survivors, loved ones and advocates under a common symbol of support. Many of you are already participating in Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re thrilled to have your support as we head to Capitol Hill for Call-on Congress this week.

If you’ve never heard of a Twibbon, it’s basically a small image that overlays the corner of your Twitter or Facebook profile image, calling attention to colorectal cancer awareness and signifying your support for this cause. By adding one, you will:

  • Raise awareness about the second-leading cancer killer in the United States among your social circles online
  • Encourage more dialogue about colorectal cancer, including  legislation to promote prevention, screening and treatment
  • Be a part of the movement for change and find new like-minded supporters and advocates

Throughout March and beyond, we would love for you to join this online community by adding the Blue Star Twibbon. Just visit the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Twibbon page to add yours today – and spread the word to others!


  1. Brenda says

    I was diagnosed in 2011 with Stage 3C luckily it had not spread and I was only 36 years old. I had treatment and I am praying that it does not come back. If all goes well in May of this year I will be on my second year disease free. Many people say that this does not affect those that are younger but it does. Let’s make this count and get on the news and media to make others aware that this is affecting all ages.

  2. Karol Moosekian says

    On May 19, 2011 my mom lost her 7 year battle with Stage 4 colon cancer. If she would have gotten a colonoscopy much earlier, I believe she might still be alive. I’m 47 and have already had one. Please get tested. God bless.

  3. Candi Bogart says

    My mom lost her battle with colon cancer in Sept. 2003 when she was 54. She was 52 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There is a family history and if she would have had a colonoscopy sooner she may still be her today. I am 43 and already had two colonoscopies.

    I urge everyone to make this a priority test especially if you are over 50 or younger with a family history of colon cancer. The test is really not bad at all and it will leave you reassured and at ease. Please get tested.

  4. Dianne Anthony says

    My husband was diagnosed in Dec. 2003 with stage 3 colon cancer with mets to his liver and lymph nodes. I wish we had known more about the chance of colon cancer at such a young age. He went thru about 4 years of treatments before he lost his battle with cancer. I hope they are able to wipe out cancer before too long.

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