Thanks from…and for…a Lisa Fund Researcher

Pausing today to give thanks for this amazing Fight Colorectal Cancer community, we’d like to especially salute the doctors, nurses, family and friends who work every single day to support people living with colorectal cancer, and to the researchers who devote endless days and nights fighting this disease.

Just before the holiday, we got a final progress report from Dr. Jon Chung, who received the 2011 Lisa Fund grant.  Every single dollar that supported his work came from this community of people who donated to the Lisa Fund, so you should know what your generous donations brought:

“I am extremely grateful for the award of this grant. It has been hugely beneficial in my career. Since the end of the grant funding period, I have been promoted to faculty at Johns Hopkins…As a result of this grant, the laboratory has developed a firm interest in developing [new] inhibitors for Hedgehog signaling…in colorectal cancer—an area of research that had not been previously a focus of the laboratory. I believe that the focus cancer signaling pathways will be a feature of my current and future career as a cancer researcher.”    

Dr. Chung is researching one of the signaling ‘pathways’ that cause colorectal cancer to change from localized to metastatic disease. During his Lisa-funded year, he and his coworkers identified a new gene involved with activating Hedgehog, which eventually could lead to a new biomarker test.

So thank you: Not only did your contributions build a concrete step forward in the fight against metastatic cancer, but you made a life-changing impact on a promising young scientist—and a whole laboratory.


At our Thanksgiving tables today, there are a few beloved faces missing—I think of Lisa Dubow, who started the Lisa Fund as thanks for researchers who gave her an extra 9 years of life. And I think of Kate Murphy, who started this blog to bring Research news to you, and who also used her years living with cancer to make a huge impact on countless lives.

In the great circle of life, their legacy lives into the future, thanks to people like Dr. Chung and you in this community.

 Read more: about Dr. Chung’s work,  and Lisa Dubow.


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