You got Science in our RATS Boot Camp . . .

What happens when you combine colorectal cancer survivors and a scientist? You get a force to be reckoned with!
ddixon PICThe RATS program was started by Fight Colorectal Cancer founder Nancy Roach and our late Director of Research Kate Murphy over 6 years ago, as a way to work hand in hand with the scientific community across the country. In 2012, Dan Dixon joined our advocacy efforts and has embraced the idea that survivors can be trained to participate in and and be a part of the research discussions. Bringing his own institution on board the University of Kansas Cancer Center higlighted our partnership and the good work we are doing together to push the coloretal cancer research agenda forward. Read full article from The University of Kansas Cancer Center here.

Dr. Dixon volunteers with Fight Colorectal Cancer – nationally, the leading advocacy group for this particular disease – in what he describes as a “scientific training advisor” capacity. Specifically, he teaches members of its Research Advocacy and Training Support (RATS) program, mostly cancer survivors who in turn represent Fight Colorectal Cancer on grant review panels, about the basics of cancer biology. – See more at:

More info about our successful RATS ( Research Advocacy Training and Support ) program can be found on our web site. Funding opportunities are always appreciated and your help goes a long way. Your generous donation provides support for this program and many others.