MARY KAYmary-kay-and-mike-family

He is my life, my love and my rock!
Mike and I met in the summer before my senior year in college and have been inseparable ever since.  I went to Penn State and Mike and I had lots of good times there together.  We got married at 25 years old and have been married for 17 years.

Mike was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer at age 40 – no history – no signs – healthy…until one day it hit…I have a very large blog about our lives and cancer battle on caring bridge that shares our story – you are welcome to read it for more information.  He is amazing and so incredibly strong.  We have been featured in an MSK article as we have developed close friendships with the nurses in the PACU department – he has had 46 surgeries and MSK.


We have three amazing kids – they were 10, 6 and 18 months old when he was first diagnosed…they are now 13, 9, and just turned 4….we don’t let cancer into our lives…people comment – you would never know cancer exists in our home…I figure if we don’t let it in-we will overcome.

Mike’s prognosis is not good but we intend to prove everyone wrong and kick its ass!
Looking forward to March…
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