Meet the One Million Strong – Daniel Shockley

How do YOU define One Million Strong? I would define One Million Strong as having the opportunity as Patient Advocates to collectively promote colorectal cancer awareness, screening and prevention.  To me, having a community means that I have the privilege to share my positive attitude and personal experience as a pre-cancer survivor in an effort to…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – Lisa Marie McLaughlin

How do YOU define One Million Strong? One Million Strong means that whether you are newly diagnosed or a decade-long survivor, there is a network of individuals who have walked this journey and are willing to support you along your personal path. Where have you drawn strength? My family and my faith have been my strength. If I…  Read More

Drew Was Strong Enough

[autopopup id=18734 height =500] For the past several months the true meaning of “strong” has uncovered itself at Fight Colorectal Cancer.  As we’ve toured the country and met many who make up One Million Strong, we’ve seen new shades to the meaning of this word.Some we’ve met are physically strong – their training and determination cannot be…  Read More