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Meet the One Million Strong – Diana Welch from Maryland

Meet the One Million Strong – Diana Welch from Maryland

Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now!  MEET DIANA Diana Welch, Survivor Huntingtown, MD DIANA’S STORY After several months of severe upper abdominal pain and learning to be my own advocate, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in March 2012.   This was followed by a diagnosis of Celiac Disease just two months prior.  After meeting with a nutritionist and changing to a gluten free diet, my symptoms persisted and worsened  and I continued to seek out a doctor that would be able to further  diagnose my symptoms.  A colonoscopy was the definitive test that


Meet the One Million Strong – Tina from Washington

MEET TINA Tina Zeutschel, Caregiver Spokane, WA TINA’S STORY My husband, Howie, had been having indigestion and constipation. He was also having some upper abdominal pain. He was on a drug for his high cholesterol, whose side effects caused many of his symptoms. So the first trip to the doctor was delayed for weeks. Finally, his symptoms became severe and he was seen, but only to be sent home with antacids and laxatives.When he didn’t improve and became short of breath, the doctor got serious. A CT scan was ordered and that was the day that changed us forever. His colonoscopy with biopsy revealed stage IV colon cancer with mets to over 50%