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Colorectal Cancer Focus on ASCO Second Day

Update from 2008 ASCO Meeting in Chicago Some thoughts from Kate Murphy. . . A very full day at ASCO.  I began with by stopping for juice and a muffin in the Advocates’ Lounge, which is a special service provided by ASCO through their programs for people living with cancer via Cancer.Net. Advocate participation in the ASCO Annual Meeting is encouraged with scholarships, the Advocates’ Lounge, and special booth in the Exhibit Hall. A somber but very meaningful first session on The Path to Self-Healing: Delivering Bad News designed to help oncologists learn how to help their patients find meaning in difficult diagnoses at the end of life included a

Some Stage II Colon and Rectal Cancers can be More Dangerous than Stage III

Advance Abstracts from ASCO 2008 How far a colon or rectal cancer penetrates through the wall of the bowel may be more important in deciding survival risks than current staging that focuses on positive lymph nodes. Five year survival statistics for a large number of rectal and cancer patients verified an earlier study that found some stage III colorectal cancers had better prognosis than stage II cancers that extended through the bowel wall but did not invade nearby lymph nodes. The information has implications for treating colorectal cancer after surgery.