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Highlights from ASCO 2011

While there weren’t new blockbuster announcements for colorectal cancer this year at the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Annual Meeting, there was plenty of focus on making what we already have work better and on choosing the patients who will benefit the most from treatments, as well as those who might not be helped at all. (Note, many of these issues will be discussed in detail on our upcoming patient webinar.) Highlights: While adding oxaliplatin to 5-FU improves five year survival slightly for stage II colon cancer, it increases side effects, particularly tingling and numbness in the feet.  An analysis of several NSABP trials found that two or three

What We'll Be Watching at ASCO

ASCO’s almost here! The annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology begins on June 3 in Chicago.  Fight Colorectal Cancer staff will be there, both in the Exhibit Hall with information about our work and attending scientific sessions to learn about the latest advances in colorectal cancer prevention and treatment. ASCO Abstracts are available online for browsing.  We’ve been looking through them, hunting for the ones we think are important to find out more about at the meeting.  Here’s what we’re watching: