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Use This “Teachable Moment”

Knowing that thousands of our neighbors are still struggling (and will be, for days or weeks) with power loss, flood cleanup, lost wages, inability to get from one place to another, there is one pro-active response we can take: Check our own crisis plans—especially if you live with or care for people who have cancer.  The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology have a free wallet card for patients, in English or Spanish. It has space for critical information in case the patient must be seen by a doctor unfamiliar with their care, as well as a 1-800-4-CANCER number to get disaster advice.  There are other

Get Inspired in Our New Online Community

At Fight Colorectal Cancer we use the word community a lot but we don’t use it lightly. We know that a solid community needs to have trust, credibility and the best of intentions at its core. So when we invite members of our community to check out the community at the website Inspire.com, we do so because we believe you’ll find something useful and meaningful there. Get your questions answered. Find a supportive group of new friends. Laugh with others who know exactly what you’re going through. Compare side effects and learn how others cope with them. Follow posts by Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Kate Murphy and stay up to date

Receive Your Free Copy of “Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer”

Fight Colorectal Cancer has partnered with the Cancer Support Community (formerly The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club) on the third edition of its highly popular book, “Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer.” The book is part of a free educational program conducted by the Cancer Support Community that is dedicated to empowering patients and their families to effectively navigate life with colorectal cancer. It includes: The latest diagnostic tools and screening guidelines An in-depth look at treatment options and side-effect management Tips for patients and their families on how to communicate with their health care teams Ways to cope with quality of life issues Up-to-date resources related to the total

Family Cancer Retreat in New Mexico

Are you are person living with cancer in New Mexico? Do you and your family need some time together to learn about managing the challenges of treatment and survivorship? The Cancer Services of New Mexico offers a three-day escape from the day-to-day challenges of living with cancer this September when the whole family can take part in the Family Cancer Retreat. The entire weekend is free, but is open only to New Mexico residents. 

Still Time to Register for Latina Cancer Camp in Florida

Latina cancer survivors are invited to be part of Campamento Alegria – Camp Joy — in Brandon, Florida. Applications are still be accepted for the 2010 camp to be held March 19 through 21.  There is no cost to attend, including two overnights, meals, and all activities. If you are a Hispanic woman who has ever been diagnosed with cancer, you can get more information or register for Campemento Alegria by calling (813) 728-5895. The theme is Reconnectandose con su Voz Interno (Reconnecting with your Inner Voice).  All activities are in Spanish, with culturally relevant food and music.