An Update On Cancer Survivorship

I joined the Fight Colorectal Cancer team one year ago as the Director of Health Promotion. I came on board with a joint appointment as a researcher with the Cancer Prevention Research Center at the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) and the University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC). A year later, I think about everything…  Read More

Happy National Cancer Survivor’s Day

To all who’ve received that dreaded phone call or the unpleasant news of pathology reports. Who’ve handled the weight of bricks as anxiety floods the chest at the break of life-threatening news. Who’ve felt stomachs jump into throats, and then drop down into a pit. Who’ve faced the haunted question, “Am I going to die?” more…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – Amy B. from California

Meet Amy Amy Jo Barnes, Survivor San Jose, California Amy’s Story I was diagnosed with colon cancer on September 30, 2011 at 57 years old during a routine wellness check.  I was blessed to have wonderful doctors, caring nurses, loving friends and wild co-workers who have all worked overtime to get me through this battle.  Having…  Read More

National Day of Pampering for Cancer Survivors

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a cancer survivor, next Tuesday, June 4th 2013 could be your special day to get some free pampering to kick off June as National Cancer Survivors Month. Tuesday June 4th i is becoming known as Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day. On this one day, volunteers in beauty salons, barbershops and day…  Read More

Are Colorectal Cancer Survivors Less Content than Breast Cancer Survivors? If So, Why?

By Curt Pesmen on Nov. 2, 2012  Fight Colorectal Cancer warmly welcomes Curt Pesmen, founding editor of LIVESTRONG Quarterly magazine and author of The Colon Cancer Survivors’ Guide (Tatra Press), who also has written for Esquire, SELF and The New York Times. A long-time admirer of Kate Murphy, he has generously offered to help fill her shoes…  Read More

Sexual Issues for Cancer Survivors

With 12 million people in the U.S. living with and beyond cancer, health and psychosocial issues facing survivors are finally becoming active topics of research and discussion. The Oct. 20th Journal of Clinical Oncology  is a special “survivorship” issue featuring an array of special articles primarily focusing on the health issues such as bone health, symptoms…  Read More