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Meet the One Million Strong – Gina Toye from Florida

Meet the One Million Strong – Gina Toye from Florida

Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now!  MEET GINA Gina Toye, Family Spring Hill, FL GINA’S STORY My daughter Amber was diagnosed last January at the age of 22 years-old with colorectal cancer. She was in her last semester at FSU and was experiencing bleeding and feeling tired. Thank God her now doctor fit her in for  a colonoscopy during her Christmas break. On January 3, they found 50 polyps and removed 12, some the size of golf balls with one coming back cancerous. On January 22, Amber underwent surgery to remove her entire colon – thankfully the


Meet the One Million Strong – Kelly Hebert from Louisiana

Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now!  MEET KELLY Kelly Hermbert, Survivor From Metairie, LA KELLY’S STORY I am sure everyone, like me, is always afraid of hearing the dreaded word from their doctor, “cancer”.  Well this dreaded word became a reality for me on October 3, 2011.  From the very beginning, I always had a sense that God was with me.  This faith has brought me where I am today, blessed! To make a long story short, after seeing several doctors for another benign problem, my doctor suggested a colonoscopy.  I am not 50 years of

Colon Cancer Around the World – World Cancer Day

It’s no secret – BLUE is our color around here. However on a day like today – World Cancer Day – we’re changing it up for the universal fight against cancer. Today, we support cancer survivors across the globe.  Hashtags like #FinishtheFight, Super Bowl ads featuring cancer survivors and a feed full of purple profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter shows us that we’re not the only ones touched by cancer. And – we’re not alone in this fight. We’re encouraged by all of the support and attention that World Cancer Day is receiving. And we’re happy to see the cancer community not only raising awareness about the need for


Meet the One Million Strong – Paula T. from Texas

Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now!  MEET PAULA Paula Thomas, Survivor From Fort Worth, TX PAULA’S STORY I was initially diagnosed in 2011 with stage II colon cancer through a routine age 60 colonoscopy. My age 50 colonoscopy was clean, and I have no history of colorectal cancer in my family that I know of. Upon my diagnosis, I had a colectomy of the cecum area, and continued my life as an active employed adult professional. No chemo was taken as odds of recurrence were only 15 percent, I was told. Guess what…the cancer did reoccur,


Meet the One Million Strong – Steven B. from Mississippi

Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now!  MEET STEVEN Steven Bocek, Caregiver From Columbus, MS STEVEN’S STORY My wife who has always watched out for me was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Last year I turned 50. She insisted I go for a colonoscopy. I did. Found four polyps. Didn’t think to have her checked. She was having falling episodes. Finally in the ER, she was found to be anemic and losing blood from somewhere. Well, Guess where? Yes, the colon. The day before Thanksgiving, she was diagnosed. We are thankful that she fell. STEVEN’S ADVICE If and


We Still Do – Eric & Rose

Meet Eric & Rose Hausmann, one of the most amazing couples you’ll meet. These engaged activists chair our Grassroots Action Committee (GAC) and have signed up to renew their vows at our One Million Strong kickoff on March 3, 2014 in New York City. Here is their love story and why they’re saying “We Still Do.”   [Eric] We grew up together. Her brother was my best friend and my sister was her best friend. Our parents became good friends when I was about 4-years-old. We were together a lot, like one big family. And when I say big, I mean really big. She has ten brothers and sisters. We


Remembering Mike McConnell

by Anjee Davis I had only been with Fight Colorectal Cancer a few months when Johanna Bendell introduced me to Cindy McConnell, and shortly after I met Mike. I remember how excited we were that Mike and Cindy were willing to help us. It took a few weeks of phone calls and emails, so initially I got to know Mike through Cindy. But it was the way she talked about him… I knew before we ever met that he was a great man, husband and dad. Then, on Nov. 5,  2012 I interviewed him in Nashville, Tenn. Mike was 56 years old when diagnosed, and it just wasn’t in him

Update: Six States are now Blue Star States

It’s been an awesome month in colorectal cancer advocacy! Thanks to the colorectal cancer community, and especially The Colon Cancer Alliance, our Blue Star States campaign kicked off with great success in its first month! To-date, SIX states already declared March 2014 as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The governor of Nebraska is on board and waiting to sign the proclamation in February. And many other states have already received requests thanks to hard-working, dedicated advocates! Here’s a quick rundown on where we stand. We’re making GREAT progress and hope to see the entire map fill up with blue stars in just a few months!   Live in one of these


Pilates – “An Ode to Eli” Fundraiser

Ever had an “oops” moment in a pilates class?  You know – somewhere between stretching out the core and doing a powerful mind-body exercise your body lets one slip? Well – Eli Pick would know what we’re talking about. And although he’s no longer with us, his daughter Hannah and the rest of his pilates class cannot look at passing gas in pilates class the same. In fact, they now call it an “Ode to Eli” and remember him fondly each time it happens. But that’s not the only way they carry on his memory. In early October, the class, friends and family raised funds for Fight Colorectal Cancer to