Warning: Colon Cleansing Not Only Useless, but Dangerous

Although they are widely touted on TV, on the Internet, and in newspaper and magazine ads, colon cleansing regimens have No proof  that they are effective in promoting general health or well-being. Lots of evidence that they are actually harmful, even potentially life-threatening. Administered either orally as teas, pills, or powders or through the rectum as…  Read More

FTC Shuts Down Phony Colon Cleanser Ads and Customer Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has obtained a US federal court order to stop an Internet marketing scheme that deceptively sells Colopure, a so-called colon cleanser, acai berry supplements, and other products. In addition to false claims that the products prevent cancer and promote weight loss, the company cheats consumers by promising a “free” or “risk-free”…  Read More