Greys Anatomy Farting Episode – It's True!

Recently, the colorectal cancer community received a ‘nod’ from the widely popular ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. In the episode a young woman who’d survived cancer struggled to control her flatulence and bowel movements – many recaps over the past few weeks have even referred to her as “The Farter.” It’s raised many questions within the community – namely,…  Read More

Aggressive Bowel Preps Don't Improve Long-Term Outcomes after Colon Surgery

More evidence has emerged that strong laxatives before bowel surgery don’t reduce complications after surgery, nor do they improve survival. Traditionally, doctors prescribed laxatives to completely remove all feces from the colon before surgery, a process known as mechanical bowel preparation. However, a study in Scotland that looked at 1,730 colon cancer surgeries performed between 2000…  Read More