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Clear Liquids Before Colonoscopy — Really Necessary?

Normal preparation instructions for a colonoscopy call for clear liquids the day before the test.  But are they really necessary for doctors to get clear view of the colon? A small randomized study reported in a poster at the American College of Gastroenterology 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting found that a full liquid diet including milk, yogurt, pudding, fruit and veggie juices — even ice cream — was just as good as a more restricted clear liquid diet in finding polyps. Doctors doing the exams didn’t know which patients had clear liquids only and who got to eat a full liquid diet, but rated them equally effective in satisfactorily cleansing the

One Day Colonoscopy Prep Effective and Easier for Patients

Taking all of the laxatives to prepare for colonoscopy on the day of the procedure is effective in cleaning the colon and lets patients have a better night’s rest, less abdominal pain, and less interference with work. For years colonoscopy prep has been done the day before the procedure.  Recently, splitting the dose between the evening before the test and the next morning has been recommended because viewing of the right colon is better. But patients often find that they are kept awake with side effects of the laxatives after the evening dose.  In addition, they may lose work time for two days.