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Wyoming Asks: Pledge to Screen for Colorectal Cancer

Men and women in Wyoming are encouraged to take the 2009 Pledge to Screen for Colorectal Cancer. People who complete the pledge receive information and a blue “buddy bracelet” to remind them to be screened. Residents of Wyoming who are uninsured or whose insurance doesn’t cover colonoscopy screening may be eligible for the Wyoming Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Program (WCCEDP). Eligible residents have lived in Wyoming at least one year, have incomes below 250 percent of poverty, and are over 50. People under 50 can also participate if they have special family or personal health histories.

Dress in Blue Tomorrow

Dress in blue to raise awareness of colorectal cancer on Friday, March 6, 2009.  Talk to your friends about colon cancer, reminding them to be screened and learn about the symptoms of colon  and rectal cancer. Colon cancer survivor Anita Mitchell organized the first Dress in Blue Day in her children’s school.  The children, who normally wore uniforms to class, were allowed to wear blue clothes if they donated a dollar to cancer research.  The next year she expanded the project, dedicating Dress in Blue to her friend Carmen Mitchell who died of the disease. Share your own story — stories are powerful.

Bid on a Camera. Help End Colorectal Cancer

Olympus Auctions Cameras for a Cause on eBay continues to support the fight against colorectal cancer by sharing 10 percent of the proceeds of their online camera sales with C3 and the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA). Your purchase of point and shoot digital cameras, 35mm film cameras, digital SLR cameras, camera accessories,  or digital voice recorders, direct from Olympus, will help NCCRA and C3 raise awareness of colorectal cancer, promote screening, and push for research to end pain, suffering, and death from colon and rectal cancer. In addition to cameras, Olympus is a leader in medical technology that directly impacts the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer including: