Bid on a Camera. Help End Colorectal Cancer

Olympus Auctions Cameras for a Cause on eBay continues to support the fight against colorectal cancer by sharing 10 percent of the proceeds of their online camera sales with C3 and the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA). Your purchase of point and shoot digital cameras, 35mm film cameras, digital SLR cameras, camera accessories,  or digital…  Read More

2009 Colondar Ready

The 2009 Colondar is available now on the Colon Club website. Thirteen colon and rectal cancer survivors, all diagnosed under the age of 50, pose with their surgical scars to raise awareness of colorectal cancer. Pictures and personal stories of all the Colondar models are online.  Colondars can be purchased for $16.50, which includes mailing.