Support Colorectal Cancer Awareness with a Blue Star Twibbon

As Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month kicks off, we’re launching a new Blue Star Twibbon in partnership with My Colon Cancer Coach, to unite survivors, loved ones and advocates under a common symbol of support. Many of you are already participating in Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re thrilled to have your support as we head to Capitol…  Read More

New Bill in Congress Aims to Save Seniors' Lives

Legislation was introduced in Congress today that will correct an oversight to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires Medicare beneficiaries to pay coinsurance when their screening colonoscopy also involves the removal of a polyp or cancer. When a screening colonoscopy turns therapeutic, the cost to the Medicare patient is significant – $100 to $300 –…  Read More

It's Finally Here! Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Time to splash Blue all over! Today is the first day of March and the first day of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. March is full of Blue Awareness, nationally and locally. Spread the message that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable. Don’t hide your story! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your coworkers. Get…  Read More

Knowing the Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Knowing what the signs of colorectal cancer are and talking to your doctor about them – no matter what your age – is one of the key messages that Fight Colorectal Cancer President Carlea Bauman conveyed in her recent interview with Comcast Newsmakers. In the weeks leading up to March, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the Washington,…  Read More

Pottery, Poetry and Patios

What do they have in common? All are forms of creative expression that cancer patients have used to “add life to their days,” wrote oncologist Evan Lipson, MD, of Johns Hopkins University in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (online edition Feb. 7, 2011). One of his patients, Mike, was building a stone patio in his backyard…  Read More

Welcome to the new Fight Colorectal Cancer

Today we are pleased to announce that the Colorectal Cancer Coalition is now called Fight Colorectal Cancer. Our updated mission statement is: Fight Colorectal Cancer demands a cure for colon and rectal cancer. We educate and support patients and caregivers, push for changes in policy that will increase and improve research, and empower survivors to raise…  Read More