Advocates from Across the Country are Butting-In to Congress. Have You Made the Call?

While the recently enacted health care reform law will lower the cost of preventive services like colonoscopies for some Americans, it won’t help increase awareness about the importance of early detection and screening. To really see an increase in screening rates and save lives we need a national colorectal cancer screening and treatment program enacted. Today,…  Read More

Great American Smokeout Today!

Just for today, don’t smoke! Nearly 47 million Americans risk their lives — and increase their risk for colorectal cancer — by smoking. But the good news is that 30 years ago, 1 in 3 people in the US smoked.  Today that has dropped to 1 in 5. Today, November 18, is a chance to try…  Read More

Colorectal Cancer and Meat — What's the Connection?

Are those steaks and hot dogs bad for you? Several studies have found a connection between eating red and processed meat and colorectal cancer.  But the reason for that connection hasn’t been clear. To answer the question, researchers collected detailed information about the type of meat eaten by a large group of over 300,000 men and…  Read More

Today is National Start Walking Day

Put on those sneakers and take a walk! Today is National Start Walking Day.  Not only can regular walking reduce risk for heart disease, it can be part of an exercise program to prevent colorectal cancer and support survivorship. Thirty minutes of walking at a moderate pace has been shown to reduce risk of getting colorectal…  Read More

What Does Health Care Reform Mean for People Concerned About Colorectal Cancer?

This morning, the President signed into law the biggest transformation of our health care system in decades.  The law includes a number of provisions that will help individuals diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer. Although many of the provisions of the new law are phased in to take effect gradually until the entire law is implemented…  Read More