Black Raspberries Reduce Colorectal Inflammation and Polyps

Several studies presented during the 2008 Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research meeting sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research found black raspberries had a positive impact on colorectal cancer development. Freeze-dried berries reduced the inflammation that contributes to colorectal cancer in both humans and mice, the number of tumors in mice, and new rectal polyps…  Read More

Vitamin D Reduces Risk for Colon Polyps

Both the level of vitamin D in the blood and intake of vitamin D-rich foods decrease the risk of colorectal polyps in a number of studies. Analyzing published studies of blood levels of vitamin D, researchers found a 30 percent decrease in the risk of adenomas among people with the most circulating vitamin D compared to…  Read More

No Connections Between Acrylamide and GI Cancers

Acrylamide is produced when carbohydrate-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures.  Foods like french fries, potato chips, cakes, and even coffee contain high levels of acrylamide.  It has been classified as a “probable” carcinogen based on animal studies where cancer resulted from very high doses.  However, human studies have not always produced clear answers. Epidemiologists in…  Read More

Make a Video to Encourage Screening

Do you have a secret yen to be a moviemaker?  Star in your own video?  Help people learn that screening saves lives? End Colon Cancer Now. Org at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is looking for a short creative videos to spread the colorectal cancer screening message.  The top video in the Get Screened Contest will…  Read More

President's Cancer Panel Recommends National Priority for Cancer

In a new report Maximizing Our Nation’s Investment in Cancer:Three Crucial Actions for America’s Health the President’s Cancer Panel makes three recommendations to the President that they feel are critical to the battle against cancer in the United States. Make reducing the cancer burden a national priority. Ensure that all Americans have timely access to needed…  Read More

C3 Advocate Brings Laughter to CRC Prevention

Standup comic Brenda Elsagher was once voted the funniest woman in the Twin Cities.  Calling her doctor the “rear admiral”, she’s featured in a TV report on colorectal cancer on WCCO, Minneapolis talking about the importance of colonoscopies and colorectal cancer prevention. Brenda is a research advocate for C3 and weaves colorectal cancer prevention and survivorship…  Read More