Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk for Men, Not Women

Fruit and Vegetable Display In a recent study, eating more fruits and vegetables protected men to some extent from colorectal cancer, but there wasn’t a similar benefit for women. After adjusting for calories and other known colorectal cancer risks, men in the study who ate the most fruits and vegetables had about a 25 percent reduced…  Read More

High Rates of Colorectal Cancer in Alaskan and Northern Plains Native Americans

Although overall colorectal cancer rates are lower Native Americans than in whites, there are significant regional differences that show a marked increase in colorectal cancer in Alaskan Natives and Native Americans who live in the Northwest Plains. Alaskan Natives and Alaskan Indians were twice as likely to have colorectal cancer as non-Hispanic whites, and five times…  Read More

People Don't Know that Exercise Reduces Colon Cancer Risk

Although physical activity reduces colon cancer risk, few Americans are aware that exercise can help prevent it. Only 15 percent of people responding to the Health Information National Trends Survey listed physical activity as one way to reduce the chances of getting colon cancer.

Marinating Meat Can Reduce Carcinogens from Grilling

Marinating meat before grilling can reduce some carcinogens that are connected with colon polyps and cancer according to research from Kansas State University. Food technology researchers marinated round steaks in three different commercial marinade mixes containing different spice blends including Caribbean, southwest, and herb.  They then grilled the steaks at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.