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How Important Is Removing Small Polyps Found on CT Colonography?

With the addition of CT colonography (so-called virtual colonoscopy) to colorectal cancer screening guidelines, there is concern about whether or not to remove small polyps found during the CTC exam. Large polyps are 10 millimeters or bigger, and doctors agree that people who have at least one large polyp discovered by CT colonography (CTC) should be referred for an optical colonoscopy to have them removed right away.  However, it isn’t clear whether or not small polyps larger than 5 millimeters but not yet 10 millimeters need to be removed.  Because most colorectal polyps develop slowly, it is enough to wait and repeat the CTC test in three years? Using a

Virtual Colonoscopy Effective Screening Method

Computerized tomographic colonography (CTC), so-called virtual colonoscopy, proved accurate in locating colon polyps or cancers 10 millimeters or larger in a large study conducted in a number of community centers across the United States.  The x-ray-based test found 90 percent of l0 millimeter polyps identified by traditional colonoscopy, which uses a lighted tube inserted into the rectum to view the colon.