Diabetes Linked to Death from Colorectal Cancer

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes makes it more likely that men and women with colorectal cancer will die from colon or rectal cancer, from cardiovascular disease, or from any cause. Diabetes increased risk of dying from colorectal cancer about 30 percent and more than doubled chances of dying from heart disease or stroke.  Overall deaths…  Read More

Diabetics Do Better Right After Colorectal Surgery

In a surprising results, doctors studying surgical complications and hospital deaths after colorectal surgery found that diabetic patients do better than non-diabetics after surgery. There was a 23 percent reduction in deaths after surgery for diabetics and 18 percent fewer complications. Unfortunately, this improvement in outcomes did not extend to the uninsured or to people under…  Read More

Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: November 7

Briefly Patients with diabetes aren’t any more likely to develop neuropathy in hands and feet when treated with oxaliplatin. Learn more about  current colorectal cancer prevention and treatment at a Memorial Sloan Kettering CancerSmart workshop on November 12.  NIH has a downloaded booklet on palliative care, and Oncology on Canvas is looking for artwork from cancer…  Read More