Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: June 19

In studies reported this week  fewer specialists managing colorectal cancer were found in US counties with large African American populations, older adults with cancer had significantly worse physical and mental health, and palliative sedation at the end of life did…  Read More

Gap Continues in African American Deaths from Colorectal Cancer

Although both new cancer cases and cancer death rates are declining for both whites and African Americans, incidence and death rates continue to remain higher for blacks in the United States than for whites.  African American men are one-third more…  Read More

African Americans Diagnosed Later and with Worse Colorectal Cancer Survival

Update from the 2009 Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium African Americans in both a large national database of colorectal cancer patients and in records of a Philadelphia hospital were more likely to be diagnosed at an advanced stage and have poorer survival…  Read More

Colorectal Cancer Survival Gap Between Whites and African Americans

Although colorectal cancer death rates are falling for both whites and blacks in the United States, the decline is steeper for whites and the gap between races is growing. A new  report from the American Cancer Society, Colorectal Cancer: Facts…  Read More