Rates for New Cancers Go Down for the First Time

Led by dropping rates of lung, breast, and colorectal cancer, the incidence rate of all new cancers in the United States is falling for the first time.  While overall cancer death rates have been decreasing since the early 1990’s, this is the first time that rates of new cancer diagnoses are also declining. In the Annual…  Read More

Negative Media Messages Discourage CRC Screening in Blacks

When African Americans hear a positive message that emphasizes progress being made for blacks with colon cancer, they are much more likely to want to be screened.  On the other hand, negative messages that talk about their poorer outcomes make them less willing to have screening tests. Health communications researchers at St. Louis University asked 300…  Read More

ASCO, Susan B. Komen Join to Increase Diversity in Oncology

Susan B. Komen for the Cure joined the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) to increase the number of minorities practicing oncology in the United States.  By recruiting and training more doctors as oncologists from groups underrepresented in medicine, they hope to improve cancer care for ethnically diverse patients.

Treatment for Severe Cancer Pain: Women Versus Men

Are men and women with severe cancer pain treated in the same way? Although both sexes reported the same level of worst pain in a past week, men were more likely to have a prescription for high-potency pain medicine and receive higher doses of morphine. Women being first evaluated at a cancer pain clinic reported more…  Read More

Large Polyps Found More Often in Blacks

Both black men and black women are more likely to have large polyps found during screening colonoscopies than whites.  Results of a large study that collected information from 67 gastrointestinal practices over two years found 6.2 percent of whites and 7.7 percent of blacks had colorectal polyps (adenomas) were larger than 9 millimeters.  These advanced adenomas…  Read More

Hair Stylists Promote CRC Screening Via "Shop Talk"

Hair stylists and barbers in South Carolina are delivering a life-saving message to the folks sitting in their chairs — see your doctor about being screened for colorectal cancer.  More than 40 hair care professionals have already been trained in how to help their clients avoid colon and rectal cancer by following screening recommendations.  The goal…  Read More