Fake Drugs are a Global Problem

The counterfeit drug trade has reached global proportions, and solving the problem needs a global approach. So says an editorial in this week’s The Lancet. While the Avastin announcement last week raised lots of concern and media attention, the issue of counterfeit drugs isn’t new. In 2009, the European Union seized 34 million fake pills in…  Read More

How to Get Imported Leucovorin

ASCO in Action has updated information on the best way to obtain imported leucovorin in solution. Teva Pharmaceuticals customer service provided them with detailed instructions to help hospitals, pharmacies, and oncology practices obtain imported calcium folinate solution. Teva has FDA approval to import calcium folinate solution which is the same strength as the powdered leucovorin approved…  Read More

The White House Addresses the Drug Shortage Issue

President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order yesterday addressing the drug shortage issue. As we have reported extensively on www.FightColorectalCancer.org, the current drug shortages have impacted colorectal cancer patients who have been unable to get 5-FU, leucovorin or on occasion, irinotecan. The Executive Order does not change the law, and it will not help patients who…  Read More

Near Misses, Patient Harms, Actual Errors Due to Drug Shortage

A survey of physicians, pharmacists, and nurses working in healthcare facilities found an increasing number of frustrating drug shortages.  Worse: One out of three reviewed facilities had a serious error that was caught in time — a near miss. One out of four had an actual medication error resulting from the shortages. One out of five…  Read More