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Stop Marketing E-Cigarettes Without Approval Says FDA

The FDA has sent warning letters to five manufacturers of e-cigarettes telling them that they cannot market the devices as a way to quit smoking without FDA approval. If manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes treat a disease — in this case, nicotine addiction — they have to prove to the FDA that the product is both safe and effective for its intended use.  All five manufactures say that the products help users to stop smoking, but none have sought FDA approval. In addition, FDA intends to regulate e-cigarettes under its new powers from the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.  In a letter to the Electronic Cigarette Association, the FDA

Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: July 25

Research shows how lemon and lavender ease stress by acting on the immune system and gene expression. In colon cancer, patients with lots of immune-system cells in their tumors have better survival, and men and younger people risk more severe Erbitux rash. In other headlines, FDA warns about toxic chemicals in electronic cigarettes.  Save  August 29th to walk across the Big Dam in Little Rock, Arkansas with the Colon Club.