Get Inspired in Our New Online Community

At Fight Colorectal Cancer we use the word community a lot but we don’t use it lightly. We know that a solid community needs to have trust, credibility and the best of intentions at its core. So when we invite members of our community to check out the community at the website, we do so…  Read More

Receive Your Free Copy of "Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer"

Fight Colorectal Cancer has partnered with the Cancer Support Community (formerly The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club) on the third edition of its highly popular book, “Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer.” The book is part of a free educational program conducted by the Cancer Support Community that is dedicated to empowering patients and their families…  Read More

Dr. Jimmie Holland on The Human Side of Cancer

This week CR Magazine presents a series of five podcasts featuring interviews with Memorial Sloan Kettering psychiatrist Dr. Jimmie Holland. Dr. Holland is a pioneer in treating the whole person with cancer, including meeting their social and emotional needs.  She has worked in the field of psycho-oncology since 1977, urging that cancer patients be assessed for…  Read More

Happiness is Contagious

Happy people spread their cheer to people around them and to through them to an even larger network of connections.  Being surrounded by many happy people makes it more likely that someone will be happy in the future. Researchers studying emotional connections and happiness in a large group of people over twenty years discovered that happiness…  Read More

Remembering What the Doctor Said — Does Age Matter?

When patients see a cancer doctor for the first time, they don’t remember everything the doctor tells them.  In fact, both older patients and younger ones remembered about half what they heard about their diagnoses, treatment, chances for cure, and life expectancy. Patients over 65 only remembered less than younger ones in those situations where visits…  Read More

Beads of Courage Help Young Cancer Patients

A yellow bead for a week in the hospital.  A white bead for every day of chemotherapy.  Glow in the dark beads for radiation.  A child’s name spelled out in beads.  Necklaces that tell stories of cancer journeys and help sick children endure tough times. Beads of Courage™ were originally developed by Jean Baruch, a children’s…  Read More