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Do Chicken, Pizza and Cabbage Keep Colon Cancer Away?

The explosion of social media has brought about a phenomenon in many circles, including the colon cancer community. While online resources have “boomed” and allowed us to learn more about disease than ever before, we must not forget to be careful about what we read. Or share on Facebook. Or Retweet. Do Not Believe Everything You Read Online Most of us remember one of the new “golden rules” of the Internet Age:  You Cannot Trust Everything You Read Online. There’s a reason most teachers discourage students from using Wikipedia for homework. While many of us try to keep that in mind, the more that trusted newspapers, magazines,  journals and professional organizations

Diet and Exercise Habits Strongly Related to Higher Rates of CRC in People with Lower Education and/or Income

Fewer people in the U.S. are getting colorectal cancer (CRC), but that progress is seen much more often in well-off and highly educated Americans. In fact, the gap is widening in rate of colorectal deaths in people with less education and/or who live in deeply disadvantaged communities. Researchers now have shown that differences in weight, diet and physical activity play a huge role in the higher rates and deaths from CRC among people of lower socioeconomic status. In a paper published in the Sept. 4 2012 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a careful statistical analysis of  a 10-year observational study of a half-million people indicated that helping people of lower

Patients Say Acupuncture Helps Nausea . . . But Does it Really?

Colorectal Cancer News in a Nutshell Summer’s over. The black squirrels in the front yard are scurrying around hunting acorns and my inbox is full of neat nuggets of colorectal cancer news — and I don’t want to leave them buried all winter. So here they are in brief.  You can check the links for more details. Mixed Results Using Acupuncture for Radiation Nausea The good news is that almost all patients felt they had less nausea after either real or sham acupuncture to manage nausea and vomiting during radiation therapy.  Nine out of ten wanted more treatments.

Help Answer Questions About Exercise after Colon Cancer Treatment

Are you done — or almost done — with your treatment for colon cancer? Will you help answer a question about how to help colon cancer survivors  increase their physical activity? You’ll learn more about colon cancer and may be randomly assigned to a special interactive program that is designed to help recovering colon cancer patients develop a healthy lifestyle. The Survivorship Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (CHESS) study is available in centers in Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, and Connecticut.  To be part of the research, you need to have completed treatment for stage I, II, or III colon cancer within the past 12 months. 

Today is National Start Walking Day

Put on those sneakers and take a walk! Today is National Start Walking Day.  Not only can regular walking reduce risk for heart disease, it can be part of an exercise program to prevent colorectal cancer and support survivorship. Thirty minutes of walking at a moderate pace has been shown to reduce risk of getting colorectal cancer.  Plus exercise after surgery for stage III colon cancer reduced the chances of its coming back.

Exercise Improves Quality of Life for Colorectal Cancer Survivors

Colon and rectal cancer survivors who meet Canadian public exercise guidelines have better quality of life and less fatigue.  However, only 1 in 4 survivors reported they were actively exercising. More than 400 colon and rectal cancer survivors in Canada answered questions about their exercise, quality of life, and fatigue.  Those who were exercising at the level recommended by guidelines reported significantly better quality of life.  They also had less fatigue.