Help Answer Questions About Exercise after Colon Cancer Treatment

Are you done — or almost done — with your treatment for colon cancer? Will you help answer a question about how to help colon cancer survivors  increase their physical activity? You’ll learn more about colon cancer and may be randomly assigned to a special interactive program that is designed to help recovering colon cancer patients…  Read More

Today is National Start Walking Day

Put on those sneakers and take a walk! Today is National Start Walking Day.  Not only can regular walking reduce risk for heart disease, it can be part of an exercise program to prevent colorectal cancer and support survivorship. Thirty minutes of walking at a moderate pace has been shown to reduce risk of getting colorectal…  Read More

People Don't Know that Exercise Reduces Colon Cancer Risk

Although physical activity reduces colon cancer risk, few Americans are aware that exercise can help prevent it. Only 15 percent of people responding to the Health Information National Trends Survey listed physical activity as one way to reduce the chances of getting colon cancer.

Exercise Improves Quality of Life for Colorectal Cancer Survivors

Colon and rectal cancer survivors who meet Canadian public exercise guidelines have better quality of life and less fatigue.  However, only 1 in 4 survivors reported they were actively exercising. More than 400 colon and rectal cancer survivors in Canada answered questions about their exercise, quality of life, and fatigue.  Those who were exercising at the…  Read More