Cancer-Related Fatigue: Real, Treatable, and Under-Treated

Life-altering fatigue will affect 80% of people getting chemotherapy or radiation therapy, plus most people who have metastatic cancer, and even many survivors long after treatment is done. Yet fatigue in cancer patients has been under-reported, under-diagnosed, and under-treated, according to an expert panel convened by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) a decade ago to…  Read More

Physical Therapy Helps Fatigue in Hospice Patients

Dying cancer patients had less fatigue and their physical symptoms improved when they had physical therapy three times a week. Control group patients who were not included in the PT program had both physical symptoms and quality of life get worse, even over two weeks of observation. Patients in the study were part of a hospice…  Read More

Targeted Psychosocial Counseling Can Ease Cancer Fatigue

Counseling that focuses specifically on fatigue can reduce its symptoms and help cancer patients cope with it during cancer treatment. The Cochrane Collaboration reviewed randomized clinical trials of psychological interventions aimed at managing cancer fatigue.  Studies included both interventions that included fatigue among other symptoms and those that were directly at fatigue alone.

Cancer Patients Fatigued Before Treatment Begins

Cancer patients are often very tired, a bone-weary fatigue that doesn’t get better with rest.  Fatigue is the most common complaint from patients during chemotherapy.  However, a recent study found that one in four patients are already severely fatigued before treatment ever begins. Severe fatigue was most common in patients with gastrointestinal cancer, where almost one…  Read More

Provigil Helps Cancer Fatigue

Update from 2008 ASCO Meeting in Chicago Provigil® (modafinil) reduced fatigue in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy according to a study reported by Gary Morrow PhD at the 2008 ASCO meeting. Patients who were severely fatigued after their first chemotherapy treatment had less fatigue after they received Provigil than those who got a placebo. They were also…  Read More