FDA: Don't Use Vita Breath Because of High Lead Levels

The FDA has warned consumers not to take Vita Breath dietary supplements.  Some samples tested with more than 10,000 times FDA safe recommended levels for candy. Although the Vita Breath website suggests use of the supplement for asthma, the Symptom-Formula…  Read More

New Black Box Warning for Promethazine

The Food and Drug Administration has warned health care professionals that intravenous administration of promethazine can lead to serious tissue damage including gangrene that requires amputation.  Deep intramuscular injections are the preferred method of giving the drug, and injections just…  Read More

FDA Warns: Remove Transdermal Drug Patches Before MRI

Some drug patches that deliver medicine through the skin have metals in their outer layer that can overheat and cause burns during MRI exams. The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing labeling for medicated transdermal patches to be sure that…  Read More