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Detailing Inconsistencies On Who Has to Pay for Their Polyps

The Kaiser Family Foundation, working with the American Cancer Society and the National Colorectal Cancer Round Table, today released results of its investigation into the problem of patients being billed unexpectedly for costs of colonoscopies initiated at routine screening tests. Fight Colorectal Cancer was one of the organizations that contributed to the report. One way the new federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to reduce medical spending is to improve cost-effective screening that prevents or detects diseases before they become complicated and expensive to treat. But consumer complaints reveal that, for screening colonoscopies in particular, consumers are getting unexpected bills when insurers decide their colonoscopies were no longer “screening” procedures. Instead

21st Century Challenges to Curing Colorectal Cancer

How many more lives could we save if we simply delivered, consistently, the things that work? That was the challenge that Dr. Arthur Kellerman laid down to people attending the AACR Science of Cancer Health Disparities conference in Miami on September 30. Dr. Kellerman, an emergency room physician, told a sobering story of his patient Diane, who arrived in the emergency room in pain.  Asked to describe what hurt, she pointed to her right breast.  When her gown was lifted, doctors and nurses could see a huge cancer that had broken through her skin.  Uninsured, she had tried to treat it with over-the-counter salves. She died two months later. He