Can Women Wait for First Colonoscopy?

Evidence that adenomas (polyps) develop later in women than in men has experts asking whether women can wait until they are sixty to be screened for colorectal cancer. Some disagree.  They point out that while women’s risk is smaller in…  Read More

Annual Report 2011

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Fun and Footsore at ASCO

When I finally got on the big bus yesterday from my hotel to the Orange County Convention Center where the ASCO meeting is being held, I realized how excited I was, how much this annual event is looked forward to…  Read More

Colorado Legislature Marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Yesterday was lump in the throat day! I was at the Colorado capitol  watching when a resolution was passed in both the Senate and House of Representatives declaring March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  While March is recognized nationally by the…  Read More

President's Cancer Panel Recommends National Priority for Cancer

In a new report Maximizing Our Nation’s Investment in Cancer:Three Crucial Actions for America’s Health the President’s Cancer Panel makes three recommendations to the President that they feel are critical to the battle against cancer in the United States. Make…  Read More