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How to Get Imported Leucovorin

ASCO in Action has updated information on the best way to obtain imported leucovorin in solution. Teva Pharmaceuticals customer service provided them with detailed instructions to help hospitals, pharmacies, and oncology practices obtain imported calcium folinate solution. Teva has FDA approval to import calcium folinate solution which is the same strength as the powdered leucovorin approved for sale in the United States once water is added. Please be clear that individual patients cannot obtain the drug themselves.  It must be requested by pharmacists or physicians, and the requests must be approved by Teva.

Leucovorin Update: Teva Pushes Back Release to April 2011

Latest information from the FDA says that manufacturing delays will prevent shipments of leucovorin from Teva Pharmaceuticals until next April. Teva has leucovorin calcium lyophilized powder 100 mg and 350 mg vials on back order and the company does not anticipate release until April 2011. Bedford Laboratories also cites manufacturing delays but is “releasing product as it becomes available.” Fusilev® (levoleucovorin) continues to be available from Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.  However, special care needs to be taken with dosing.  It cannot be substituted one-to-one for leucovorin.  Patients need to be aware of its cost and the possibility that insurance may not cover its administration for colorectal cancer. Update (11/9/2010): Coalition Board member