Growing Drug Shortages Cost Money, Put Patients at Risk

Shortages of prescription drugs cost the United States more than $200 million. In addition, shortages force doctors to delay or cancel treatment.  Patient safety is compromised when doctors have to use different or unfamiliar drugs when they can’t get the right ones. In the six months from July to December of 2010, 240 drugs were either…  Read More

Leucovorin Update: Teva Pushes Back Release to April 2011

Latest information from the FDA says that manufacturing delays will prevent shipments of leucovorin from Teva Pharmaceuticals until next April. Teva has leucovorin calcium lyophilized powder 100 mg and 350 mg vials on back order and the company does not anticipate release until April 2011. Bedford Laboratories also cites manufacturing delays but is “releasing product as…  Read More

More Leucovorin Woes

A September 2nd update from the FDA cites manufacturing delays at Bedford Laboratories and Teva Pharmaceuticals  for leucovorin shortages. Here at the Colorectal Cancer Coalition, we’re hearing from patients who are not receiving leucovorin during their chemotherapy because it just isn’t available. Bedford says that they will be releasing some 350 mg and 200 mg vials…  Read More

New Leucovorin Shortage Should Be Fixed Soon

Patients are telling C3 that they are being turned away from scheduled cancer treatment because of a new shortage of leucovorin, a drug that is commonly used in colon and rectal cancer treatment.  However, good news is on the way. TEVA Pharmaceuticals has told the Food and Drug Administration that they are shipping back orders of…  Read More

Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: May 8

This week a panda gets a colonoscopy, details are reported on swine flu cases, and information about acrylamide in food and cancer risk is reviewed.  The FDA says that the leucovorin shortage has been resolved and supplies are available. We also found a study that used stereotactic body radiosurgery (SBRS) for tumors from cancer that had…  Read More

Leucovorin Shortage Update

The Food and Drug Administration has updated information on the shortage of leucovorin as of January 21, 2009. Teva Parenteral Medicines reports a shortage of Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection due to “Increase in Demand”. Bedford Laboratories reports a shortage of Leucovorin Calcium Solution for Injection and Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection due to…  Read More