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Meet the One Million Strong – Natia Porter from New York

Meet the One Million Strong – Natia Porter from New York

Be a part of One Million Strong and tell us how colorectal cancer has impacted your life! Share your story now!  MEET NATIA Natia Porter, Family New York, NY NATIA’S STORY Lynch syndrome or (wrongly called) non-polyposis colorectal cancer runs in genes from my mother’s side. It is wrongly called because it predisposes us up to 8 different types of cancers on a different degree. The first, the almost 99% predisposition is to colon caners, then uterus cancer, renal cancer, ovarian, brain and so on.  In my family, as I later discovered, there has been many colon cancers, many uterus cancers, some renal and one-brain cancer cases. However, I did not

Blood Test Detects Cancer, May Predict Spread

ECCO/ESMO UPDATE — BERLIN 2009 A new blood test finds colon, rectal, and stomach cancers early and may be able to predict which cancers are most likely to spread (metastasize). Higher levels of messenger RNA for the S100A4  gene were found in blood from patients with gastrointestinal cancers than in blood from healthy volunteers.  Blood levels increased as cancer stage increased.  Patients with cancer that had already spread had the highest levels. Patients whose cancer eventually spread, had higher blood levels of S100A4 mRNA when their blood was first tested, leading to a possible test to predict possible  metastasis.