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What the Government Shutdown Means for Colorectal Cancer

What the Government Shutdown Means for Colorectal Cancer

After 15 days, most of us have seen at least one way the government shutdown is impacting our country. Some have friends and family members on furlough who’ve finally had time to paint their bathrooms. Others’ vacation plans are ruined since national monuments and parks are closed. But the ripples of the shutdown go beyond closings, halted jobs and a growing annoyance with our country’s leaders. The shutdown is impacting cancer patients and researchers across the globe and hope for a cure. The Government and Cancer Research Last week the Washington Post ran a front-page story about a beautiful young mom whose treatment for sarcoma is halted because of the

Fight Colorectal Cancer, National Cancer Institute recruit colon cancer survivors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug. 2, 2013 - ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Fight Colorectal Cancer is working with The National Cancer Institute (NCI) to recruit participants for a new study testing informed consent documentation. Study participants will evaluate an informed consent document (ICD) that explains a clinical trial and determine its clarity and ease of use. Participants will be paid $40 for their time. The study is looking for 50 MALE SURVIVORS to participate before Aug. 31, 2013. Study results will help NCI finalize a new informed consent document for future patients considering a clinical trial. NCI chose to work with Fight Colorectal Cancer because the ICD is written for a colon cancer clinical trial. Those

Advocates in Research Working Group Recommendations

By Nancy Roach, the Founder of C3 and Chair of its Board of Directors A National Cancer Institute (NCI) working group has developed recommendations about how to engage advocates effectively in NCI research activities.  The recommendations are open to public comment until November 30, 2009.  Rather than go into detail about the recommendations, I will explain from my personal experience why I feel they are important and present C3’s feedback.

Colorectal Cancer Research and Economic Recovery

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) is helping to pay for critically needed colorectal cancer research. In return, scientists and their support staff are hired or kept working, new equipment and supplies are purchased, and local communities benefit economically. As of July 2009, the National Cancer Institute has used ARRA funds to award 40 grants associated with colorectal cancer research, totaling $7,284,159. The grants support both ongoing and new colorectal cancer research.

Online Tool Predicts Individual Colorectal Cancer Risk

Average risk men and women and their doctors can estimate the probability of that individual developing colon or rectal cancer by using an interactive tool available online.  Developed by National Cancer Institute, the model is based on population research and cancer incidence information. In developing the prediction tool, researchers matched 1,600 men and women with colon cancer and 650 with rectal cancer to nearly 1,900 similar individuals without cancer.   Using identified risk factors for colorectal cancer, they were able to estimate the probability than an individual would develop colon or rectal cancer within the next 5, 10, or 20 years.  The prospective National Institute of Health-American Association of Retired Persons