FDA Warns About Cooking Frozen Chicken Entrees

Some frozen chicken dishes are not precooked and can cause illness if not prepared properly.  Food-borne illness is of particular concern to people with cancer whose immune systems may be lowered by treatment. The United States Department of Agriculture has issued a public health alert to remind consumers to cook frozen chicken dishes according to package…  Read More

Marinating Meat Can Reduce Carcinogens from Grilling

Marinating meat before grilling can reduce some carcinogens that are connected with colon polyps and cancer according to research from Kansas State University. Food technology researchers marinated round steaks in three different commercial marinade mixes containing different spice blends including Caribbean, southwest, and herb.  They then grilled the steaks at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soft Ice Cream Alternative to Nutritional Drinks

Cancer treatment can make it hard to eat.  Both chemotherapy and radiation treatment can cause mouth sores, dry mouth, or poor appetite. Some patients develop thrush, a fungus infection in their mouths and throats, that makes swallowing very painful. Traditionally canned or powdered nutritional supplement drinks like Ensure® or Boost® have been used to provide support…  Read More