Multivitamins Don't Raise Colon Cancer Survival, Prevent Recurrence

Taking a daily multivitamin didn’t improve survival or reduce the risk that colon cancer would come back for stage III patients enrolled in a clinical trial of chemotherapy after surgery. Although about half of patients in the trial took a multivitamin supplement during their treatment, the vitamin didn’t improve their outcomes, nor did it reduce side…  Read More

Drugs Ads Prompt Requests to Doctors for About One in Ten Patients

Media ads for prescription drugs prompted 7.5 percent of people in a recent survey to ask their doctor about a prescription. But the doctors only agreed about a third of the time. They were more likely to go ahead and write a prescription when the person asking was over 65.  Almost half of seniors (46.4 percent)…  Read More

Vitamin C Reduces Chemo Effectiveness in Cancer Cells and Mice

Oncologists often recommend that patients on chemotherapy avoid antioxidant supplements including vitamin C.  Now basic research shows that vitamin C reduces the activity of several different chemotherapy drugs, both in cancer cell lines and in experimental mice. Vitamin C appears to protect the cell against death during chemotherapy by restoring its mitochondria.  Mitochondria power cells, converting…  Read More