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William I. Wolff, Colonoscopy Pioneer

Dr. William Wolff died on August 20 at his home Manhattan.  He was 94. In the mid 1960′s Dr. Wolff, working with his colleague Dr. Hiromi Shinya at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, began studying how fiber optics and a long, soft, flexible tube might make it possible to see inside the entire length of the colon.  Together they developed  the first colonoscope. In 1969, Dr. Shinya invented a wire snare and electrocautery making it possible for the team to remove polyps during a colonoscopy. By 1973, Dr. Wolff and Dr. Shinya had performed over 2,000 colonoscopies in the Endoscopy Unit at Beth Israel, demonstrating that in skilled

Journalist Leroy Sievers Dies

Leroy Sievers, who built a community of support and caring with his blog My Cancer, died Friday, August 16, 2008 at his home in Maryland. He was 53.  His wife, Laurie Singer survives him. First diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001, he found out four years later that it had spread to his brain and his lungs.  Pushing his doctors for the worst-case scenario, they told him six months.  Shortly afterwards he aired the first of a series of commentaries on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.