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Bone-Density Drug Could Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk

Israeli and American researchers reported this week in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on a new study suggesting that postmenopausal women taking alendronate (Fosamax) were less likely to develop colorectal cancer. The results are “intriguing,” said Eric Jacobs, the American Cancer Society’s Strategic Director of Pharmacoepidemiology in Reuters Health. However, Jacobs cautioned, a recent large United Kingdom study showed no link between bisphosphonates and colon cancer, but a higher risk of esophageal (throat) cancer. Bone-density drugs are taken by millions of people for osteoporosis and there have been rare but severe side effects including jaw-bone deterioration. Effects of long-term use are not yet known.

Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: September 19

In hospitals, clostridum difficile spores are found on bedrails and other objects in patient rooms.  Immune response, shown by lymphocytes in and near tumors predicts better outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer. In other news, the NIH Medline Plus helps long-distance relatives for aging family, and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute studies of the effects of space radiation on the bones of astronauts during long voyages to the moon or Mars may benefit cancer patients on Earth who are getting radiotherapy.

CT Colonography Can Also Detect Osteoporosis

CT colonography (so-called virtual colonoscopy or CTC) can also detect osteoporosis during colorectal cancer screening. Using the same images obtained while looking for colorectal polyps, a different software program can examine the spine for bone mineral density.  Low bone mineral density  is a symptom of osteoporosis which increases risk for broken bones.